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Home Law Solutions has an unmatched reputation in the legal industry. Established as one of the leaders in real estate law, our organization has been nominated for the 2021 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. This is the highest and most prestigious honor the BBB can bestow to any organization. This award is not determined by popularity or favor, it is earned. Being recognized as a nominee means that HLS has consistently demonstrated, upheld and acted on the highest standards of integrity, honesty and ethical business practices promoted by the BBB. 

This award embodies the mission of the BBB to continue advancing trust in the marketplace. Each nominee is deeply vetted and evaluated to determine the company’s demonstrated commitment to transparent business practices that build trust with customers. Our organization has received hundreds of 5-Star testimonials. These are clients that have used our services, share of our success and highlight the strengths of our services and how we treat people. It is tremendously difficult in any industry to have an impeccable reputation. Our commitment to client satisfaction and results has allowed our company to remain free of even a single negative review or complaint. This is a huge statement and speaks volumes about the integrity of HLS.

We are also part of the network of Martindale-Hubbell. In existence since 1868, the Martindale-Hubbell client review ratings are recognized as the gold standard in attorney trustworthiness. Throughout our tenure as a law firm, we have collaborated with the top tier oversight organizations in exemplifying superior standards in aiding clients. We demonstrate everyday our commitment to the highest ethical standards of behavior through attentive management practices, a stellar reputation within the legal industry in all jurisdictions we operate in, and by going above and beyond what is required to assist clients in need. This transparency and commitment to ethics separates our firm from all others.

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We are proud to offer affordable, low-cost, realistic solutions to borrowers that need help. With that being said, our service is not cost-free, because nothing of any true value is. If you are looking for free assistance, please do not complete the form below and inquire for help. Unfortunately, our company would not be the right fit.

If you are searching for real solutions to get you back on track, you are in the right place. Our cost of services is very fair and as low as you can find, without compromising quality. Service prices are determined by your current mortgage status coming in and what needs to be addressed to resolve your delinquency.

If we are able to extend you an offer, we will document this proposal in writing for you to review. You are under no obligation to accept any offer. Unfortunately, some people will not be eligible for assistance for various reasons. We will provide you honest, direct and straight-forward information, so you can decide the best course of action for you and your family.

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Many homeowners have been fooled by an illusion. They believe that their lender is their friend and that they have their best interest. Let’s be very clear, mortgage lenders & servicers are in the business to take your money, not save your home. The last thing they want to do, is reduce monthly payments, lower interest rates or take any type of financial loss. Falling delinquent on monthly payments is hard enough, but this reality is made even worse because many borrowers believe that they are going to get help directly from their lender simply because they are speaking with them. This process is damaging because it causes them to fall further and further behind. 

Self-representation has the lowest success rate when it comes to achieving positive and permanent results. Attorney representation is vital when you fall delinquent and when you do not have knowledge of mortgage law. You do not want to be in a position where you are at the mercy of your lender. The loss mitigation process can be an involved, detail-oriented and very complicated. Homeowners should be cautioned of attempting to get help by working directly with their lender when your mortgage is delinquent. It’s imperative to understand guidelines, submit documents properly or you will often fall right into common tactics used by the banks. These strategies are designed to frustrate you, waste time, and get you to lose hope and give up on the process.

You do not have to do this alone. Not only are our attorneys qualified and experienced at working lenders, but are on top of the issues that surround program and eligibility requirements. It is a fact that lenders trying to foreclose on homes have high-powered, experienced lawyers doing this work for them. When you deal directly with your lender its common for them to continually ask for the same sets of documents over and over again. They will claim they were “never received” or that they were simply “incomplete”. You will speak with agent after agent and remain in a perpetual cycle of being “under review”. If you do manage to get a decision, it’s all to common to hear some incomplete reason why you are being denied. Except now you are much further behind on your monthly payments and at imminent risk of foreclosure.

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