Home Law Solutions is committed to our clients and we do everything possible to resolve hardship. Our dedication to achieving results for our clients is the number one priority for HLS. Our testimonial base is rapidly growing. 

Please click on one of the reviews below if you would like to go directly to the BBB. Here you can read through just a few of the dozens and dozens of positive reviews from homeowners that have used our services to save their home. 

We are honored by the long-term relationships we have with our clients that have first-hand knowledge about what it is like to work with our firm and how they are treated. 



Great friendly staff, Courteous and professional. Walked me through step by step of the process. Every time something happened in the process Charles would call and update me, even on the little things. I would give their number to anyone if they fall on hard time like I did. Home Law Solutions is an amazing company not just for what they offer but there staff as well.



I would recommend this company to whoever needs help. They were a great resource for our mortgage.



Home Law Solutions was the best thing that happened to us. I want to thank HLS for helping us get our home back. We were guided so well on what was needed and treated with patience and respect. They went straight to work on getting our property back. HLS, kept us informed and updated on everything that was happening with our situation. I am happy to say that our outcome was good, thanks to Home Law Solutions.



Truly blessed to have them in my corner they made sure I understood every single aspect of what was going on. I was always kept in the loop of every step of the process they was always Patient and understanding never rushed overall very good and respectable business I would highly recommend this business to anyone needing help



I was completed satisfied by the meticulous care given to my account by Home Law Solutions. They treated me and my family with the utmost respect and always kept me informed of the status of my agreement.



I would like to thank Home Law Solutions for their kindness and hard work. Your customer service is outstanding. After many months and scams, Home Law Solutions saved my home and restored my pride as a home owner. Thank you.



I was on the verge of losing my home. When I heard from Home Law Solutions. Everyone there was so very helpful & clear with what we had to do. They gave me weekly up dates on the progress of my modification. Everything worked out so very well & i would like to thank them.



“I am extremely happy to write a review for Home Law Solutions. There are so many scams out there. I was very skeptical that there would be any kind of help for me. After speaking with Charles at HLS, he put my mind at ease. He was extremely professional and answered all of my questions and I had plenty. Every time I sent an email with a question (or left a message) there was always an immediate response from him or someone in his office. I was terrified I’d lose my home. Every week I received a phone call from Charles with an update. I always felt as if he cared and I wasn’t just another client. The process took a little longer than I expected (because of this pandemic). I am happy to say HLS made the entire process as smooth as possible. I am very grateful to Charles and HLS for saving my home. I would recommend HLS to anyone.”



Home law solutions was so helpful. I couldn’t have gotten my loan modification done on my own and would have been foreclosed on. Dealing with Nationstar/Mr Cooper is a pain but HLS knows how to deal with them. If I have any other problems I will definitely call them again. It took six months but they got it done.



My husband and I are overjoyed with HomeLaw Solutions and the help they gave us!! There are so many scams out there. We had exhausted all attempts and avenues in hopes to get the bank we had, to work with us, for over a year and a half. We can’t say enough about the kindness and understanding we received from Charles B******** and his team. We are now able to start fresh and resume payments at a good interest rate. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage, don’t give up until you’ve given HomeLaw Solutions a chance to fight for you! ****** *



You guys did a fantastic job saving my house/ I thank each and everyone of you involved from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you



Like most people, I was skeptical that any legal team could help save my home after several life changes made catching up the payments impossible. Mr Billinger and his team provided every service they promised and more. I’m very pleased with the customer service; Mr Billinger personally called once a week to keep us updated on the process and the processing team responded to emails almost immediately, even outside of normal business hours. The whole process was as seamless and painless as you could possibly expect for such a sensitive issue, and I’m extremely grateful to HLS for doing exactly what they promised and saving our home.



I was skeptical about dealing with a business 3000 miles away from me. After dealing with them and going through the process, they are everything the Better Business Bureau said. Everyone involved from start to finish explained everything in detail and were very pleasant to talk to. They are rated A+ through the BBB as they should be. I highly recommend them to anyone having problems. Thank you HLS for all you did for me.



I have been very pleased with the help I have gotten from all of the people at Home Law Solutions. Mr. Billinger and his whole team have gone above and beyond my expectations to help me get my Mortgage Loan straightened out. I spent may hours on the phone and sent many letters and e-mails to my mortgage company asking for help and never received it. The mortgage company completely ignored all of my attempts to communicate with them. We have had our home for 29 years, and never had problems paying it until my husband passed away a little over 3 years ago. Mr. Billinger and his team have done their best to help me. It is not settled yet but I have every confidence in them that it will be settled soon with their help.



Saved my home from Foreclosure much more efficiently than Bankrupcy. Had a wonderful positive outcome today. Thanks HLS!



Yes they will help you save your home. They helped me and will help you. They care about you. I am very happy to recommend their services. Tim. Winchester



Charles really put me at ease. They are great and straight forward. Saving my house is their first priority. Definitely reccomend them.



I would like to say big Thank You to Home Solutions , whole process was great , I tried to talk my mortgage company they would not help me save my home. Home Solutions Help me and now I have home modification , lower payment . It is very scary when u think you are going to lose your home . Thank you Charles and Catherine the whole team for helping me.



Home Law Solutions were great! Charles & Catherine were very helpful, pleasant and kept us updated constantly on where we were in our process! Thanks to HLS we went from scared, about to lose our home, of 37 years to happy still in our home of 37 years…Thank you so much Home Law Solutions!



I was at the end of my rope trying unsuccessfully to save our home and the lender was always giving me the run around. I now have peace of mind for the first time in a long time knowing that Home Law Solutions is working for us so that we can save my home.



To tell the truth, when I first started this process with Home Law Solutions, I was scared and as unsure of anything I had ever tried to save my home. Once we got started though, I felt much better and continued to feel much better as time went on. HLS kept me informed of the progress with every new event and with everything I needed to do to help keep the process going and for whatever I needed to do to help. I look forward to living in my home for many more years. Thank you Charles to you and your whole team at Home Law Solutions.



I have been very impress with the handling of my modification request. Charles has maintain constant communication on the status of my request and has been very helpful. Though my case has not been completed i believe it has been handled with great professionalism and expect a satisfactory result.



Words cannot say enough. Thank you everyone that worked as a team to save our house. They were so supportive throughout the whole process and kept me up to date on any and all changes. Thank you so much home law solutions your team made a hard situation easier!



Home law was not only professional they where also helpful. They kept me and my husband informed every step of the way. Our house would have been forclosed and we would have been out. They where able to help us keep our family home. Thank you to staff for all there help. We can move forward and stay on track. Thank you again



Excellent customer service, very fast response times and, very knowledgeable and what they are capable of doing… what they did was… They just save my house



I was at the end of my rope trying unsuccessfully to save my home and the lender giving me the run around. I now have peace of mind for the first time in a long time knowing that Home Law Solutions will work for me so that I can save my home.



I cannot thank home law solutions enough. Charles and his team, from the beginning were honest and straight forward with me. No false promises. They worked with me and my mortgage company to find a resolution that I didn’t think would or could happen. They are legit it’s that simple. If you need help don’t wait don’t hesitate they can and will guide you through the process! Awesome communication!! Thank you!!



Awesomeness and great communication and stay in contact and answered questions thoroughly and completely!



I very excited for the opportunity to get help to same my home for my and my family. Thank You so much.



Thanks home law solution for Everything.For helping me And a hard moment.



Facing foreclosure is the single scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. The process is daunting, the calls, mail and messages are endless and the companies (with the exception of HLS) speak to you as though you’re a bad person. HLS is none of those things. They understand, are very professional and kind. Abby, Thomas and Charles have updated me throughout ever step of the process and I am confident they will continue to do so. I feel they know how much this home means to me and will do everything they can to help me keep it. They give me hope. I’m sure the process will continue to be as pleasant as possible. If you are in a situation requiring HLS assistance. I encourage you to give them a try. These guys will work hard for you and you won’t be sorry.



I am a three- time retiree and working full time for a Pharmaceutical company. I returned to the workplace to stay ahead of the cost of living inflation. Having been retired since 1983, I have yet to receive a cost of living increase; however, I managed to maintain my financial obligations. During the Stock Market downfall in 2003 and 2006, I lost most of my retirement funds. March 2016 I was diagnosed with a debilitating health condition, admitted to the hospital where I spent 17 days in ICU and 6 months in rehabilitation. As result, I exhausted my saved annual leave pay, as well as my short-term and long-term disability pay. I used my remaining savings to purchase, train, and establish a work from home business. I was not making any financial progress and began to fall behind on my mortgage obligation. I finally resorted to my Mortgage Company to re request some financial assistance to avert foreclosure. I submitted an application for modification of my mortgage contract and was told that my application was under review. Now in financial hardship and moving closer to foreclosure or short sail, I was contacted by Home Law Solutions and appraised the Agent of my mortgage situation. We immediately initiated an application as the Agent patiently and professionally informed me of the services they offered. A contract was consummated and HLS began working directly with the mortgage company to hold on foreclosure and developing a mortgage modification that would accommodate my financial situation. During the entire process, HLS provided us with continuous communication as to the status of modification and needed input from us. Within a reasonable period of time, we were presented with a Mortgage Modification Plan. The entire team remained courteous, professional, resourceful, informative and resolute during the entire process. I would recommend the expertise of Home Law Solutions to anyone with similar hardships.



I just want to say these people are great. they did an awesome job. I was 5 months behind on my mortgage and I was for sure going to lose my home. I found Home Law Solutions on the internet and gave them a call. They pulled off the impossible. Thank you Charles and the team at HLS.



I am very happy about your excellent customer service and and the quick way to get back to us regardless how busy the agents have been serving differents customers all over places. I am so thankful for receiving help and assistance from you today in order to save my single family home and provide for my family. Thank you so much more for your service.



I just want to say these people are great. they did an awesome job. I was more then a year behind on my mortgage and I was for sure going to lose my home. I found Home Law Solutions on the internet and gave them a call. They pulled off the impossible. Thank you HLS for saving my home.