Home Law Solutions is proud to include the legal services of Charles G. Billinger, the lead attorney of our office in California. Mr. Billinger has dedicated his career to assisting clients in financial matters. This experience includes years of practice in consumer lending compliance, consumer debt and the restructuring of real estate loans. By developing real strategies, Mr. Billinger has delivered countless clients from hardship and secured a fresh start. 

In addition to his legal expertise, Mr. Billinger possesses years of business and human resources experience, primarily performed while working as counsel for an international telecommunications corporation and legal aid for a global software company. He worked with in house counsel and management handling employee relations, compliance, privacy rights and is well versed in all matters of business law.

Mr. Billinger graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law. He was the sole recipient of the ALI/ABA Scholarship and Leadership Award, given to the member of his graduating class that personified scholastic achievement and leadership in the community. Mr Billinger earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego with Provost’s Honors. Mr. Billinger resides in California where he lives with his family.



Home Law Solutions has invested years assembling skilled and accomplished attorneys across the United States, bringing together advocates who collectively focus on results. Our team prides itself on our commitment to our clients, providing them with the best service and protection possible in a time of hardship. All our attorneys are licensed, active and in good standings with a verifiable track record.

Tracy Davis, Esq


Tracy Davis

Tracy is our Pennsylvania attorney. She is a graduate of Temple Law School, with undergraduate degrees in biology and medicine from Howard University. Her legal background focuses on veteran affairs, patent examinations, business development, and IP protection.

Michael Rusher, Esq


Michael Rusher

Michael is our Kentucky attorney. He graduated with honors from Saint Louis University School of Law and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky. His legal expertise focuses on contracts, intellectual property, public policy, and employment law.

Susan Steinman, Esq

New York & New Jersey

Susan Steinman

Susan is our attorney for the states of New York and New Jersey. A seasoned advocate for distressed consumers throughout her entire career, she graduated from the touro college law center. She has expertise in creditor representation, administrative hearings, bankruptcy and appellate practice.

Brian Bailey, Esq

West Virginia

Brian Bailey

Brian is our West Virginia attorney. He graduated law school from west Virginia university school of law. His areas of legal expertise include social security administration, disability claims, medical malpractice, and other elements of administrative law.

Sherynda Patrick, Esq


Sherynda Patrick

Sherynda is our Georgia Attorney. A native of Atlanta, she has practiced law within the State of Georgia since 2010. Ms. Patrick attended Georgia State University where she received a Bachelors in English in 2007. Afterwards, she attended Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she received a Juris Doctor. Sherynda specializes in Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law.

Larry Bates, Esq


Larry Bates

Larry is our attorney in Massachusetts. He graduated from DePaul university with a bachelor’s in political science in 1997. He then graduated from New England school of law in 2000. He has been actively practicing general civil litigation for over 10 years with a focus on helping consumers.

Nicole Turpin, Esq


Nicole Turpin

Nicole is our Illinois attorney. She graduated from Valparaiso university law school and has an undergraduate degree from Purdue university. Her legal expertise has focused on family law, probate law, ada matters, and contract disputes.

Gregory Ivester, Esq


Gregory Ivester

Gregory is our Arkansas attorney. He graduated from the University of Arkansas - little rock school of law and earned a bachelor’s of science in business administration from the university of Arkansas. He has focused his legal practice on real estate services, drafting titles, probate, and oil law matters.

Chelsea Hatcher, Esq


Chelsea Hatcher

Chelsea is our Tennessee attorney. She graduated from Wake Forest University school of law and has a bachelor’s of science from the University of Tennessee. Her legal career has focused on landlord/tenant disputes, consumer protection, domestic relations, and administrative law.

Benjamin Casey, Esq


Benjamin Casey

Ben is our attorney in Texas. He has focused his career around those facing financial adversity. Ben graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tulane University Law School. His areas of practice include real estate, healthcare, employment law, and civil litigation. He resides in Dallas where he remains in good standing and licensed since 2013.

Mary Hammons, Esq


Mary Hammons

Mary is our Florida attorney. She has a Juris Doctorate from Barry University School of Law and a Bachelor’s in Finance from Florida State University. She specializes in commercial and business litigation matters, real estate documentation, and sublease remediation.

Keil R. Myers, Esq


Keil R. Myers

Kyle is our Utah attorney. He graduated from Gonzaga school of law and has an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. His legal expertise centers on estate planning, tax preparation, business law, and civil litigation.

Kelsea Wagner, Esq


Kelsea Wagner

Kelsea is our attorney in Virginia. She graduated from Appalachian School of Law with a Master’s Degree. She specializes in eviction law, garnishment hearings, warrants in detinue, and handles financial aid assistance for prospective applicants to law school.

Scott Brinkman, Esq


Scott Brinkman

Scott is our Missouri attorney. He graduated from the University of Northern Illinois College of Law and has a Masters of Environment Science from the University of New Mexico. He specializes in bankruptcy matters, combating predatory lending practices, and employment matters.

Kimberly M. Young, Esq


Kimberly M. Young

Kimberly is our Maryland attorney. She graduated from the university of Baltimore school of law and has a Bachelor of Science from the university of Maryland eastern shore. Her legal career has focused on corporate compliance, document review, property adjustments, and being a military spouse, raising three beautiful children.

John H. Thomas Jr., Esq


John H. Thomas Jr.

John is our Louisiana attorney. He graduated from Loyola University School of Law and has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Arizona. His legal practice focuses on representing creditors and debtors in negotiating repayment plans, collection remedies, and enforcement of contractual remedies.

Mariah McGhee, Esq


Mariah McGhee

Mariah is our Indiana attorney. She graduated from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney school of law. She has focused her legal practice on business law, real estate matters, and civil litigation.

Travis Carr, Esq


Travis Carr

Travis is our Colorado attorney. He graduated from Louisiana State University School of Law. He specializes in general civil litigation, legal research, compliance matters, and evidentiary hearings.

Sandra Merrill, Esq


Sandra Merrill

Sandra is our attorney in Ohio. She graduated from Santa Clara University Law School with an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley. Her legal practice focuses on real estate transactions, landlord-tenant law, foreclosure law, and bankruptcy matters.

Christopher Alster, Esq


Christopher Alster

Chris is our Arizona attorney. He graduated from the University of Arizona School of Law. He is a certified tax representative and serves as a volunteer attorney for the Pio Decimo Taxpayer Clinic and specializes in financial planning and tax policy.

Ellen Larson, Esq

North Carolina

Ellen Larson

Ellen is our attorney in North Carolina. She graduated Dean’s List from Samford University School of Law and obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee. Her legal career focuses on bankruptcy litigation, divorce law, and ongoing document coding.

Chloe Doust, Esq


Chloe Doust

Chloe is our Alabama attorney. She graduated from Nottingham Law School with a Master’s in Law. She specializes in immigration law, drafting contracts, and helping consumers pursue debt relief.
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