Trends in Real Estate

Highest foreclosure rates in New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware Nationwide one in every 2,841 housing units had a foreclosure filing in February 2020. States with the highest foreclosure rates were New Jersey (one in every 1,457 housing units with a foreclosure filing); Illinois (one in every 1,507 housing units); Delaware (one in every 1,628 housing […]

Your Options After Foreclosure

Even when it seems like you’ve come to the end of the foreclosure period, there may still be some time before you actually need to move out of the house. When you receive an eviction notice, you’ll be told how long you have before you need to be out. Most people get three days’ notice.Homeowners […]

COVID-19 Is Harming The U.S.

In March, as the COVID-19 crisis loomed, Fannie’s Economic and Strategic Research Group reduced outlook for economic growth over the entire year from 2.2 to 1.8 percent. They now expect it to contract by 3.1 percent. Much of the negative impact from the pandemic is expected in the current quarter and it will be a […]